CRUD operation on Google Spread Sheet using Google App script, HTML ,Jquery

This is a simple web application which is done using simple HTML elements, Jquery, and data transaction with Google spread sheet is done using Google App Script. 


This app consists of 2 Parts

  1. App Script
  2. HTML with JQuery.


Video Tutorial   Live Demo


1. App Script

Step 1 : Create new app script project. Click here to create App Script.

Step 2 : Copy and paste the below script which handles two attributes (id,name). You can change the logic, attributes as required.



Step 3 : Change the url of the spread sheet. Make sure sheet is shared .[anyone with the link can view]

Step 4 : Go to Publish -> Deploy as web app. A window pop up, here ->Who has access to the app: -> Anyone

then Publish/Update. Copy the published url and store it.




Step 1 : Create a file crud_test.html and copy the below code.


Step 2 : Change the script url to your published web app script which was stored in step 4

Step 3 : Now check for operations .


Video Tutorial   Live Demo